Feeling free again – TMM

it’s been dark. Life has had its fair share with me as of late. I try not to let myself consume me, but I always do in the process.

I want to feel.. I want to be.. I want to feel free again.

I think my soul got lost in the process of trying to figure it all out.

I thought I had it all together but in reality, I never even had it.

It’s Aries season AND the week of my birthday. This Thursday, a spiritual soul was born back in ’94.

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A very calm Saturday.

I have grown to love the early bird I am.

This day has been long, quiet and so greatly  needed.

I basked in the sun.

Closet cleansed.


gave a cat a bath. yes, you read that right.


I really haven’t spoken much today. I’ve fallen in love with experiencing me with my thoughts. My mantra for April is The Mirror.


Before we look without, we must look within.


this calm energy I have felt throughout the day, I am grateful for it.