Never stop being you – TMM

I swear you'll be okay. be true to you. speak your truth. tell your story. hear their story. Stay true to the things you believe in. believe in them more!!!!! believe in YOU! Your feelings are valid. Your happiness matters. it's okay to not be okay. just know you are surrounded by peeps who love … Continue reading Never stop being you – TMM

The Monday Minute while it’s still dark outside because time isn’t real.

I overthink all the time. I remember when I first started this jazz with no strings attached. One minute. Rambling, astrology, bs, sports, inspirational bs, happy bs, just one minute without much thought. I got all overwhelmed in my own personal self that I made this so much more than what it is. as I always … Continue reading The Monday Minute while it’s still dark outside because time isn’t real.

24 is about letting go

Another 365 days have passed. 23 was a learning year. I'm happy it happened but now I'm declaring.. 24 is about letting go. In my latest read, a quote stuck with me.. I'm talking it has altered my life... It hasn't left my mind since the day I turned that page. the analogy emphasized a sword. … Continue reading 24 is about letting go

A very calm Saturday.

I have grown to love the early bird I am. This day has been long, quiet and so greatly  needed. I basked in the sun. Closet cleansed. cooked. gave a cat a bath. yes, you read that right.   I really haven't spoken much today. I've fallen in love with experiencing me with my thoughts. My … Continue reading A very calm Saturday.

A couple things..

I miss the sun soooo much. Spring, I am soooo ready for you. These past couple of days have been sooo impactful. I have had this urge to reconnect with old souls. People I haven't spoken with in forever.. Yet I can see all these fools 20 years down the road. (all of us still … Continue reading A couple things..