24 is about letting go

Another 365 days have passed. 23 was a learning year. I'm happy it happened but now I'm declaring.. 24 is about letting go. In my latest read, a quote stuck with me.. I'm talking it has altered my life... It hasn't left my mind since the day I turned that page. the analogy emphasized a sword. … Continue reading 24 is about letting go

A tribute to feelings – TMM

I can honestly say my feelings are sooo much all the time. I love love. I love the feeling of being loved, the feeling of someone loving my presence, hearing me talk about things I love. I love the random "I love you" throughout the day. Maybe smothered is a better word? Overwhelmed maybe. I … Continue reading A tribute to feelings – TMM

I’ll pick love every time – TMM

I'm a hopeless romantic in a pretty "hopeless" world when it comes to love. I love love and all the things that come with it. I used to hate how much love dictated my life, now I've learned to embrace my love for love. I'm a lover. A hopeless romantic. I'll pick love every time. I … Continue reading I’ll pick love every time – TMM

Things you need to start doing – TMM

Tonight was my last day coaching my Monday night league and goodness these little ones have taught me so much. Each soul I've encountered has taught me something. Here's some of the best advice I've collected in 60 seconds. learn a new language floss. EVERYDAY. take the word "broke" out of your vocabulary drink more … Continue reading Things you need to start doing – TMM

You Are Not A Magnet – TMM

you are not a magnet. you don't have to attract anyone. or anything. you don't have to be anything but you. for you. you are not a magnet. there is no one like you. no one could ever be you. embrace you. for you. yes, you.