The Wedding

I'm a tad obsessed with my friends. My good friend, Andrea, recently got married. As you could tell from my Instagram, our squad knows how to have a great time and take some wonderful photos. Here's an inside look on the love we celebrated! Congrats again Andrea and Aaron! 3/12/2017  

How I spend my mornings..

Mornings are my favorite time of the day. I'm naturally an early bird. 7 a.m. is my body's internal alarm clock. I literally have an alarm at 12:00 noon that lets me know "morning's over." Having 2 jobs is a "normal" thing for me. Coaching and working at Lululemon are wonderful things that take up my schedule. … Continue reading How I spend my mornings..

That one super cold day in Texas

Welcome to winter in Texas. Where February is officially spring and December and January are the little spurts of 50 degree weather. I'm originally from South Texas, (S/O 956) so weather in San Marcos sometimes has me all the way.. well you know. Since the last days of winter are dwindling, I decided to share … Continue reading That one super cold day in Texas

My Top 5 Favorite YouTube Channels

I'm a "cord cutter." (S/0 to electronic media and Tim England!) I don't have cable. I have a smart TV David's momma blessed me with and a MacBook that has my life on it. I'm a typical millennial that has a love for the internet. YouTube is my favorite medium, it's literally my home screen. … Continue reading My Top 5 Favorite YouTube Channels

An update…

these last two weeks have been fucking crazy to say the least. let me catch ya up on some thangs. At this very moment I have no groceries and no money, but ya girl still bought a bottle of Jim Beam Apple cause Gabe only turns 23 once. Jordan freakin year! ***** Two weeks ago … Continue reading An update…