24 is about letting go

Another 365 days have passed. 23 was a learning year. I'm happy it happened but now I'm declaring.. 24 is about letting go. In my latest read, a quote stuck with me.. I'm talking it has altered my life... It hasn't left my mind since the day I turned that page. the analogy emphasized a sword. … Continue reading 24 is about letting go

A Quick Thrift Trip

It's Tuesday and ya girl is feeling good. I decided to hit my local Goodwill in hopes for some goodies.. and I found some gems! I found this super cute whisk. I love it's size and marble handle!   I have found my spring statement piece. I'm a sucker for layers and long sleeves so … Continue reading A Quick Thrift Trip

Feeling free again – TMM

it's been dark. Life has had its fair share with me as of late. I try not to let myself consume me, but I always do in the process. I want to feel.. I want to be.. I want to feel free again. I think my soul got lost in the process of trying to figure it … Continue reading Feeling free again – TMM

Do y’all ever just not listen to directions.. like.. ever?

I couldn't tell you the last time I actually followed to instructions to the tee. For instance.. Pinterest recipes. I can truly say, I Sydney Maigon Herrera have never fully listened to a pinterest recipe step by step. I always tend to tweak it.. somehow.. The funniest part is, you can never really tell if … Continue reading Do y’all ever just not listen to directions.. like.. ever?

A tribute to feelings – TMM

I can honestly say my feelings are sooo much all the time. I love love. I love the feeling of being loved, the feeling of someone loving my presence, hearing me talk about things I love. I love the random "I love you" throughout the day. Maybe smothered is a better word? Overwhelmed maybe. I … Continue reading A tribute to feelings – TMM