My super dreamy Christmas list

If ya girl had unlimited amounts of cash, these babies would be alllll mine. Until then, daydream with me. a real Picasso, anything from the blue period a Van Gogh piece, One of my faves is The Irises The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need a pink velvet couch a white Tesla, Model X, with caramel … Continue reading My super dreamy Christmas list

This whole being a writer thing is kinda hard tbh.

It's crazy how quickly we forget all the goals and dreams we had until one thing knocks us off our rocker. ******* Ever since I wrote that damn article about the breakup, people have had nonstop questions and concerns. I was so thankful for everyones love and support but damn, it was discouraging to ever write … Continue reading This whole being a writer thing is kinda hard tbh.

How I spend my mornings..

Mornings are my favorite time of the day. I'm naturally an early bird. 7 a.m. is my body's internal alarm clock. I literally have an alarm at 12:00 noon that lets me know "morning's over." Having 2 jobs is a "normal" thing for me. Coaching and working at Lululemon are wonderful things that take up my schedule. … Continue reading How I spend my mornings..

A random list of things that make me happy.

apple juice in a yeti full of ice band tees buying new lululemon grocery shopping by myself slow cooker recipes Domino's thin pepperoni pizza FaceTiming Jorge constantly telling Zoe to love me getting my toes done petting animals cards against humanity hot dogs with ketchup going to Stripes for dinner little personals at the liquor … Continue reading A random list of things that make me happy.

Just a bunch of random thoughts

there's not enough time in the day today I forgot my card, had $5 in cash and bought some fire ass starbursts gummies, my priorities are garbage. why do car sales people suck? like I'm just trying to be great and you're trying to scam me. be nice you human. I'm not a feminist, but … Continue reading Just a bunch of random thoughts