Do y’all ever just not listen to directions.. like.. ever?

I couldn't tell you the last time I actually followed to instructions to the tee. For instance.. Pinterest recipes. I can truly say, I Sydney Maigon Herrera have never fully listened to a pinterest recipe step by step. I always tend to tweak it.. somehow.. The funniest part is, you can never really tell if … Continue reading Do y’all ever just not listen to directions.. like.. ever?

My super dreamy Christmas list

If ya girl had unlimited amounts of cash, these babies would be alllll mine. Until then, daydream with me. a real Picasso, anything from the blue period a Van Gogh piece, One of my faves is┬áThe Irises The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need a pink velvet couch a white Tesla, Model X, with caramel … Continue reading My super dreamy Christmas list

Date someone with great music taste

Date someone... who sometimes knows where to eat makes you laugh so hard you bust out your actual laugh who doesn't let you win in anything with a scoreboard. lets you steal all the blankets sends you funny meme's who helps clean up after you made dinner helps you make dinner is dinner. JK JKJKJKJKJKJKJK … Continue reading Date someone with great music taste

I’m just gonna tell you about my day – TMM

I do this annoying thing where I like to wait until the last minute and try to get everything in the world done. Like laundry. and meeting my mom for lunch. all before 11:30 am. I'm an early bird every damn day, but, laundry. I'm talking 3 loads. I made it just on time to … Continue reading I’m just gonna tell you about my day – TMM

Introducing The Monday Minute.

One minute. Every Monday morning. Timed, just me and my thoughts. Introducing The Monday Minute. Prepare yourself for my first project / series on my blog. I feel most productive on Monday mornings. Though most people cringe at Monday's, I feel so energized, so refreshed. I spend Monday mornings reflecting on my week and the … Continue reading Introducing The Monday Minute.