Never stop being you – TMM

I swear you'll be okay. be true to you. speak your truth. tell your story. hear their story. Stay true to the things you believe in. believe in them more!!!!! believe in YOU! Your feelings are valid. Your happiness matters. it's okay to not be okay. just know you are surrounded by peeps who love … Continue reading Never stop being you – TMM

A couple of things I’m thankful for – TMM

Thanksgiving was one for the books this year. Thankful is an understatement. Gratitude has changed my life. Here are some things I've loved a little harder than usual. family. I've started to verbally express my love to my family and it's been amazing for our relationship. I've really enjoyed my peeps and made I've made it … Continue reading A couple of things I’m thankful for – TMM

Family is forever – TMM

I spent a well needed weekend with my momma in my hometown. As I get older and more confused with this adulting thing that's occurring soooooo fast, I've realized how important family is. ***** It was also a girls trip. My mom, our pup and I headed out the door and had one of the … Continue reading Family is forever – TMM

Introducing The Monday Minute.

One minute. Every Monday morning. Timed, just me and my thoughts. Introducing The Monday Minute. Prepare yourself for my first project / series on my blog. I feel most productive on Monday mornings. Though most people cringe at Monday's, I feel so energized, so refreshed. I spend Monday mornings reflecting on my week and the … Continue reading Introducing The Monday Minute.

home is where the heart is.

I moved... again...... If you've been around my domain for a minute you're probably a little confused.... or probably not surprised at all.. and if you're new.. allow me to introduce myself.. I'm Sydney Maigon (pronounced may-gin) Herrera and I'm an impulsive, stubborn, adventurous, lover of love, sucker for a good story, 23 year-old dreamer. … Continue reading home is where the heart is.