I’m 24 and currently figuring out my spiritual journey. Add love, friendships, career and all other things life throws at you on top of it.

I’m a writer, a future author and screenwriter too. (just wait on it) This is my favorite place to come when my thoughts get a little too fast for my pen and journal. I have come to love my feelings and how I feel them so immensely. I dive my thoughts into every soul I encounter. I sometimes think my spirit is too brave for my body. I’m in constant battle with my thoughts but it keeps my brain energized. When it becomes too much, I blame it all on my Taurus rising. I’m not the same person I was years ago, nor will I know who I will be in 10; What I do know is, life has had a funny way with me and writing is what makes me feel calm in all this crazy. Plus, I’m trying to document as much life I can!


I am forever grateful for your support and love throughout my journey. For the dreamer inside of you, never stop listening to your heart. You have made me feel invincible, imagine what you can do for you!