Some things about the “H”

THE TREES ARE BREATH TAKING Narnia is the south side secret menu's are real things soooooo muchhhhhhh boooooooty 95% of peeps have kids lmaooo always go the speed limit on 1960 it's humid. af but when it's a good day.. it's a GREAT DAY! it rains.... randomlyyy.. hard as hell..... then nothing at all "the … Continue reading Some things about the “H”

ALL SUMMER 16 *Drake voice*

looking, looking, looking ******* I've been MIA.. I know. This summer.. Summer 2016 was the best time to go MIA. I decided to slow down on the vlogs and writing and I decided to be a very irresponsible 22 year old. I decided to be selfish and enjoy this "last" summer before graduation without editing, … Continue reading ALL SUMMER 16 *Drake voice*

Cirque du Soleil Kooza

September 25, 2015 was one for the books. It all started about two months ago when I received a notification that Cirque du Soleil was coming to town. I'm subscribed to email notifications for the Austin 360 theatre. When this notification came, I jumped on the opportunity right away. Without any hesitation, I called David's mom. … Continue reading Cirque du Soleil Kooza

The One and Only

Forest Hills Drive 2014 Tour Let me start off by saying I HAVE NEVER BEEN TO A CONCERT IN MY LIFE. I was the kid that played sports year round. I had a trainer. I had a designated schedule. Weekends were for games, winter breaks, thanksgiving breaks, spring breaks were for tournaments. I have never … Continue reading The One and Only