Never stop being you – TMM

I swear you'll be okay. be true to you. speak your truth. tell your story. hear their story. Stay true to the things you believe in. believe in them more!!!!! believe in YOU! Your feelings are valid. Your happiness matters. it's okay to not be okay. just know you are surrounded by peeps who love … Continue reading Never stop being you – TMM

Stuff you need to see on Netflix rn – TMM

It's monday dark hours and I just finished up a fire documentary while doing a face mask. I feel uh-may-zing. Budgeting has been a theme as of late so Netflix has been my buddy. If you're into conspiracy theories, cults and documentaries, boy do I have the list for you! I'm not giving you any … Continue reading Stuff you need to see on Netflix rn – TMM

The Monday Minute while it’s still dark outside because time isn’t real.

I overthink all the time. I remember when I first started this jazz with no strings attached. One minute. Rambling, astrology, bs, sports, inspirational bs, happy bs, just one minute without much thought. I got all overwhelmed in my own personal self that I made this so much more than what it is. as I always … Continue reading The Monday Minute while it’s still dark outside because time isn’t real.

New Moon Intentions – TMM

Just yesterday, April 15th, 2018 was not just a full moon.. but an Aries full moon.. in Aries season.. the first new moon of the astrological year.. Since Aries is the start of the zodiac.. This new moon is in the sign Aries, but this energy impacts every sign differently, even yours! Keep reading and hopefully things will … Continue reading New Moon Intentions – TMM

Feeling free again – TMM

it's been dark. Life has had its fair share with me as of late. I try not to let myself consume me, but I always do in the process. I want to feel.. I want to be.. I want to feel free again. I think my soul got lost in the process of trying to figure it … Continue reading Feeling free again – TMM