A couple things..

I miss the sun soooo much. Spring, I am soooo ready for you. These past couple of days have been sooo impactful. I have had this urge to reconnect with old souls. People I haven't spoken with in forever.. Yet I can see all these fools 20 years down the road. (all of us still … Continue reading A couple things..

For the people trying to find things to do instead of study..

This is a post about everything and nothing all at the same time! Welcome to my world of procrastination and avoiding responsibilities. Nothing like a stroll of random photos of animals, cartoons, food and scenery. Enjoy what I usually do when I'm trying to avoid life.. ENJOY *everything Tumblr*   I hope you enjoyed this … Continue reading For the people trying to find things to do instead of study..

7 Things I’m Thankful For

November is two days gone. I thought it would be fun to give a list of things I'm thankful for. The friendships. This year has been full of amazing friendships. Shanice, Cassidy, Connor, Joann and Tracy are to name a few. Also, many of my coworkers have been amazing to me too. Melissa, Kelle, kelly, Jaci … Continue reading 7 Things I’m Thankful For

Tuesday Mornings.

Life is grand. I went out on a limb and put myself out there. I'm now a "starving YouTube artist." S/O to all my 65 subscribers! I FREAKING LOVE ALL OF YOU! Finals are around the corner. Just last night I had a nightmare over my history exam. Send prayers my way. Thanksgiving is days … Continue reading Tuesday Mornings.

10 Tips on Staying Safe This Halloween

Halloween is all about costumes, candies, parties, friends and fun! One huge aspect a lot of us tend to overlook is the simplicity of being safe. As a College kid, Halloween festivities officially start tonight! So as we kick off Halloween, here are some simple, yet significant, ways to keep yourself and your friends safe. … Continue reading 10 Tips on Staying Safe This Halloween