A day of reflection.

16 years ago life changed drastically.  No words could describe the impact September 11, 2001 had. Today is about reflecting. Honoring. Never forgetting. ***** It's crazy how day by day nothing really seems to change but when you look back on those times, everything is different. I've come to realize time doesn't exist. Days feel … Continue reading A day of reflection.

Take all the happiness that embraces you

Laugh as much as you can. Hang with the peeps who make you feel alive. Kiss that guy. Ask that girl out. Make that road trip. Buy that thing you've talked about for monthhhsssss. Eat the whole damn pizza. Take a chance. I'm starting to feel that spark again. Remember? That feeling when you catch … Continue reading Take all the happiness that embraces you

15 tiny things your soul needs

Splurge on your skin and haircare. Splurging on that good moisturizer, amazing cleanser (s/o Lush), magical shampoo and conditioner might change yo life. Clothes are things we spend on daily yet don't necessarily wear everyday. Your skin and hair are your most prized possessions, treat yo self! Unfollow the peeps that bring negativity. Facebook, Instagram, … Continue reading 15 tiny things your soul needs

Have you been outside lately?

When was the last time you went outside? Outside as the destination, not the space in-between your apartment and your car. Me and Netflix are in a wonderful, wonderful love. Scandal, Grey's Anatomy, How To Get Away With Murder, Narcos, Black Mirror, Zootopia, Law and Order SVU, The X Files and Cosmos are some of … Continue reading Have you been outside lately?


Life is so damn grand. SURPRISE! It's not Tuesday but I'm impulsive and yesterday David showed me a video that changed my life, and now, I want to share this good omen with you. I feel that we, as humans, are terrified to be ourselves. Simply, because were different than our friends, family, celebrities. BUT WE'RE … Continue reading DO MORE OF WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY