Date someone with great music taste

Date someone... who sometimes knows where to eat makes you laugh so hard you bust out your actual laugh who doesn't let you win in anything with a scoreboard. lets you steal all the blankets sends you funny meme's who helps clean up after you made dinner helps you make dinner is dinner. JK JKJKJKJKJKJKJK … Continue reading Date someone with great music taste

Allowing yourself to love again

Are we really ever ready to completely let someone in? Let someone know the deepest parts of our soul? My first memory of love takes me back to 6th grade. I "dated" this guy throughout middle school. First "boyfriend" ever. Here was the catch, we never spoke.. we just passed notes back and forth. One … Continue reading Allowing yourself to love again

We broke up.

Been there done that, but this time it's for good. In social media world, or in 2017, all my IG photos of him are gone and on Facebook I'm officially "single" lmao and truthfully, it's quite liberating. details truly don't matter, because there are things that just need to be left unsaid. Just know that … Continue reading We broke up.