My go-to Breakfast + Influential peeps

Influential people are good for the soul and stomach. Haley Bahm is not only a great friend but an even better cook. This woman was my inspiration to enjoy life on the healthy side. Her website, Soul + Spoon has amazingly amazing recipes and some amazing writing of her own (ps. do more of those thangs) Her Soul … Continue reading My go-to Breakfast + Influential peeps

The Shake Shack

Okay.. I'm from south Texas. I happily rep "The Valley." I grew up knowing nothing about In-n-Out, P. Terry's, Juiceland, P.F. Changs (I know, I know), even Torchy's Tacos.. My taste buds were limited. BUT DON'T GET ME STARTED ON MEXICAN FOOD. I CURRENTLY LIVE IN SAN ANTONIO, AND THE VALLEY STILL HAS THE BEST … Continue reading The Shake Shack

Root Cellar Cafe

It's been a while huh? I'm sorry my foodies! Don't think ya girl hasn't been eating good! Life has just been crazy and my brokeness is realer than ever. The end of the semester = living off of hot cheetos and meal preps! Last weekend David and I decided to spoil ourselves. Our FAVORITE spot … Continue reading Root Cellar Cafe

The Eastside Cafe

Welcome to one of the cutest little treasures in Austin, Texas. The Eastside Cafe is such a lovely place, peaceful and great tasting place. The location of this little home is a bit hidden, so don't drive too fast because you'll miss it! What I love about this place is that it is in a home. A cozy, … Continue reading The Eastside Cafe

Chicken Fried WHAT?!

This is one of those places where you starve yourself the day before so you can TRY to finish your food. I'm talking about Lulu's Bakery and Cafe. I found out about this place while I attended Our Lady of the Lake University as a freshman back in 2012. It's 2015 and I still go to this … Continue reading Chicken Fried WHAT?!