my new spaceee..? ft creative mornings.

Today I woke up feeling inspired. The move has been an adjustment. Hurricane Harvey was devastating. Though the energy in the air has been hazy, the sun is shining and the community outreach has been so heart warming. ******** My place is a work in progress. I'm all about the ambiance. My living room area … Continue reading my new spaceee..? ft creative mornings.

A look inside

I'm redecorating my room. I'm kindaaaa in loveee with the space I'm in. My space is calming yet exciting in all the right places. 98% of these things are thrift finds. I have much sentimental value to things. T-shirts, books, candles, art, etc. Take a look inside a tiny corner that I've fallen in love … Continue reading A look inside

Wishful Apartment Aesthetics ft. UO

It's that time of year where I'm on the hunt for a new place. With one year left in college, I would be thrilled with a 2 bedroom town home. (fingers crossed, it's in the making as we speak) As time dwindles down until I receive my keys, I decided to explore on Urban Outfitters, the apartment section. … Continue reading Wishful Apartment Aesthetics ft. UO