It’s 7:00 and I’m exhausted​. – TMM

Boy oh boy has daylight savings kicked my ass.

Just as I felt I was finally getting my routine together, daylight savings hits me like a bus. I woke up at 6:18 am today.. I wanted to make breakfast, but my normal, lazy self, didn’t even have bread. I did whip up some bacon though, literally, just four strips of bacon.


I did wake up early enough to bless instagram with a new pic. S/O to messy rooms and also impulsively throwing away my bedframe because I didn’t like it :/

(sometimes I do things, while doing them, questioning why the hell I’m doing them)

I want to get more active in the am. I feel most alive at that time, especially since I can literally fall asleep anywhere I’m a wee bit comfy and it’s dark out.. for instance.. right now.. 7:17 p.m. Texas time.


How was your first Monday with the time change?

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