Today was a good day – TMM

I probably happy danced a solid 4 times today. I’m talking hand gestures and all. 

Today was a damn good day. Perfect weather, even better experiences.

I loveddd my outfit. I even did my hair! During my college experience, I would take a break from my casual oversized shirt & birks and look extra spicy the day of a test. I took, “look good, feel good” to the extreme, and it worked every. damn. time.

Just try it 🙂

Work was dope. I’m in a new role and adjusting isn’t the easiest thing.. especially with my stubborn Aries sun. But today just felt good! Everything went smoothly, and I’m around a boss that continuously praises us out loud and that, in itself, was a great way to start my day.

Then my package that was supposed to be delivered on the second, came in today!!! I’m dabblin into quite a few new projects.. (think house plants, think astrology, think tarot cards, think cats!!!) I have arrived at page 4 and I can already admit, this book is a “must have” if you’re new to tarot but love astrology!!! Here’s the link.

But lunchhhh. I had quite the lunch date. Nothing quite thrills me like the home I have and the soul that has filled me with hope, compassion, acceptance and appreciation.


….But that’s all you get for now.. It’s farrrr longer than a minute 😉



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