it’s been dark. Life has had its fair share with me as of late. I try not to let myself consume me, but I always do in the process.

I want to feel.. I want to be.. I want to feel free again.

I think my soul got lost in the process of trying to figure it all out.

I thought I had it all together but in reality, I never even had it.

It’s Aries season AND the week of my birthday. This Thursday, a spiritual soul was born back in ’94.


So many mantras, words, thoughts.. so many phrases have stuck with me in this time of darkness. Like my brain could bold some of these moments from key humans in my life.

If you couldn’t tell by now.. words speak the loudest to my soul.

A beautiful soul told me..

“we build walls, huge walls in front of us, surrounding us, making us feel small.. like there’s no way out, but in reality, all we have to do is take a little step around it..”

The rest of this month, the rest of my life.. it’s about feeling free.

Feeling like this is exactly what I chose my life to be.

2 thoughts on “Feeling free again – TMM

  1. First of all, WHY are you so gorgeous, please let me have your wardrobe your style is literally me all over. Secondly, this was beautiful and also (very) relatable – all I ever want to do in life is to be happy and free .xx

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