A couple things..

I miss the sun soooo much. Spring, I am soooo ready for you.

These past couple of days have been sooo impactful. I have had this urge to reconnect with old souls. People I haven’t spoken with in forever.. Yet I can see all these fools 20 years down the road. (all of us still fine as hell too)

Reading more books has become one of my favorite hobbies. I’ve always been quite the old soul, but now I use the term hobbies ha. The more I read the more I get more out of touch with reality. It’s so hard to explain, but in my simplest words, I feel as if the books I’ve read have made me question everything I’ve ever known. My biggest, and first suggestion is, The Alchemist.

First time cat owner and wow. I never even had a cat in my life. I grew up with dogs. I remember when I was a kid, my family tried to get a cat, the first time it scratched me was enough to never see the kitten again. Cats are cool. This is the 3rd time Randall has gotten on this keyboard and had absolute no remorse.

I’ve missed #TheMondayMinute for the second week in a row…… I’m just so tired. I work a real life 9-5, and although I love it, by the time I get home I just want to lay down and have grapes fed to me.

Whataburger breakfast the all time GOAT. I get the bob with bacon and spicy ketchup!

HelloFresh is preeettttyyy dope. I’ve made two recipes and they have both been fire. It’s a bit pricy considering the selection of choices of meals for the week but you knowwwww I had a coupon. I’m going to make a recipe tonight!

My current wishlist includes: a gold chain with a virgin mary pendulum, these birks, a dyson vacuum, Canon 70D and a new read.

Florida, gun control laws, Larry Nassar.. All of these, all impactful in different ways. All life changing. My heart can only imagine, peace be with not only you, but the nation.

The Black Panther and how it has uplifted the people around me. How young children of different cultures have someone to look up to, someone that looks like them. I hope one day the hispanic culture can progress too. I would love to see a person of Mexican decent, I’m talking you got beat with a chankla and had tortillas with every meal type Mexican, take the big screen. Representation matters. It always will.

I’ve been thinking about rebranding. My IG and site.. I am in the works of my first book.. I’m thinking December 2018 has my name written all over it..

People who don’t know left lane etiquette.. who raised you?!

My itch for writing has really heightened. My itch for being completely aware has also heightened. Hence my absence on IG. I love living in the moment. I actually hate technology most of the time. I love human interaction. So for now, embrace this beautiful throwback. I was feeeeeeling myself.

IMG_4727 2

till the next time..


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