Step 1 of writing more: writing more

a snippet of my current life

Randall James is the newest member to the fam.

he’s perfect.


My first cat mom moment: Teaching Randall the crib was fun. All doors open all the time. Well one time.. I went to go shower.. I closed the door and kinda forgot about him for a solid second unit I hear loud little “meows.” He didn’t stop until I opened the door.

it. was. wonderful.


I’ve also changed up the crib. I’m learning I’m really into interior design..

and don’t get me started with this carpet.


I’ve always wanted a red carpet 😀


I’ve started a new job at an amazing company with wonderful, influential and strong women.


I want to start writing everyday.. I’m realizing that I don’t necessarily like social media. It’s so hard to keep up with. I just love the moments in real time. I have a strange obsession with being completely aware.


I want to write more. I’m going to start writing more. maybe not blasting it all over social media because I’m honestly not a fan of that either. I’m just going to write everyday. Or maybe not everyday, maybe every other day.. who knows.. I’m just going to write more.. a lot more..

if you catch it, great.. if not.. catch up, or maybe… it was meant for another.




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