How a good dinner can cure a bad day – TMM

It was like any other morning..

Today just felt like a Monday.

I read Brandon’s horoscope before I read my own, then I read our tarot card for the day. I’m a huge believer in these things so I take my morning ritual very s e r i o u s l y.

I drew the 8 of swords. This card is never a welcome card in the reading. Basically, it means some sort of bad luck is on its way..

i  w a s                                                                                                  s   p   o  o   k   e   d.

That set the rest of my day off to the tee.

Though life was just off today, I, being the optimistic love child I am, found some silver lining.

My moms birthday is today. This glorious woman has had another year


Another amazing note was dinner.

Oh, and there’s someone I want you peeps to meet.

Randall James. He’s a sag.

Honestly, Siesta Key is on and my minute is up!


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