A happy happy weekend – TMM

I’m starting to feel like myself again.. but times 10. This weekend was the start of something new *cue High School Musical* In my eyes, this was the epitome of my perfect weekend.. see how it all went down..

– S A T U R D A Y –

I started off with a fire breakfast. The real meals happen when you have no groceries haha. Though the chorizo and potatoes hit, check out this delish smoothie bowl.


This baby was made with bananas, blackberries, blue berries, strawberry cream cheese, broccoli, carrots, honey and oats. (I didn’t tell Brandon all that until AFTER he tried it)

We then headed to Austin for the day. Of course Goodwill was a go-to on the way there. I found some pretty great books!! Then we arrived to probs top 3 fav places in the world, ABP.


You should go.. fav place to go with friends, Brandon, all my peeps.

Then I took Brandon to my favorite Korean spot out by Precision Camera. I couldn’t tell you the name or the exact link but go to Precision Camera, then google Cover 3, then look for the Korean restaurant by that. haha Plus Precision Camera is the coolest place too!


It was Brandon’s first time and he gave it a go. He’s quite the food critic, so this was a win-win for meee!

– S U N D A Y –

Sunday’s are meant for relaxing, reading, grocery shopping, scary movies and face masks.

and that’s what we did.

We pretty much lounged alll day. It was so well needed and so greatly appreciated. I had a splendid time at the grocery store. These are some of Brandon’s fav tinggggsss!


We finished the night with football, The Conjuring and face masks.

I truly love when Brandon just goes with my ideas. Sometimes their corny, sometimes they’re magnificent, either way, their mine.. and he loves to see me happy.

What a guy.

Though this weekend was full of a lot of my favorite things, I couldn’t imagine spending it with anyone else.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, I hope you unapologetically continue to do the corny things, the lovey-dovey things, the things that make you happiest.

I swear it feels like the life you’ve always dreamed of.



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