A tribute to feelings – TMM

I can honestly say my feelings are sooo much all the time. I love love. I love the feeling of being loved, the feeling of someone loving my presence, hearing me talk about things I love. I love the random “I love you” throughout the day. Maybe smothered is a better word? Overwhelmed maybe. I love feelings. I love being smothered in the feelings of someone else. There’s nothing quite like someone expressing their feelings to me..

I used to look at my feelings as a blessing and a curse.. but not anymore. I’m embracing my feelings. My feelings are nothing but blessings. I am so grateful to feel everything so heavily. I’m learning.. I’m growing. I feel as if my mind is a garden and the more I am okay with my feelings, the more my garden blossoms.

I no longer apologize for my feelings.. instead.. if anything.. I apologize for how I held them in.

2018 is for me. 2018 is dedicated to embracing my feelings. I’ve realized that once we no longer apologize for our feelings, we allow others to embrace theirs as well.

And isn’t that just beautiful?



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