Some of my favorite moments of 2017..

2017 was a year of growth, acceptance, love, loss and soooooo manyyy feels.

As I reread my post from last year on all the things I’m changing.. I realized how wonderful this year truly was. I loved, I lost, I laughed, I cried, I gave love another chance, I traveled, I grew, I wrote more, I said “yes” more, I’ve finished 3 books this year, I’ve been cooking like crazy and ya girl has been niceeeeee in the kitchen and I became more aware of the world around me. Though some things may have gotten the best of me, I am so happy to go into 2018 with the soul I have. Every second has prepared me for this current moment in my life and I can feeeeel the glitter in my veins. I’m meant to shine. 2018 is mine.

But before I live toooo much in the future, here’s a recap of my favorite moments in 2017…

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I met an extraordinary group of wonderful young women and their families. This was my first year as a head coach and truly.. these kids will be in my heart forever. I learned from them much more than I can say I taught them. Proud is an understatement, love is such a small word to fathom how they make my heart light up. I love you all dearly.


2017 is the year I met Cane’s. Jorge put me on and gooooodness, I can say I ate this baby about 150358038250372 times this year. This specific time, Jorge surprised me at work! double toast is the ONLY way to go.


These three. We were like the new age New Girl. Though I lived in San Mo at the time, I spent pretty much every other day with these dudes. Santi, we miss you so much dude.

IMG_3518 2

I met Zachary!!! This day was unforgettable. My crib at the Village was my favorite home in the world. I loved how my peeps would come over and just chill on the balcony. I lovelovelove me some Zachary.

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I saw Isaiah Rashad! Honestly.. outside of J.Cole.. the best concert I’ve ever been to!


I did A LOT of yoga with some wonderful humans at my favorite yoga place, Red Dawg.

IMG_3817 233293083631_9e548628ee_oE96A9E7C-F97A-4459-8C98-E1583D5617C5IMG_2550IMG_3859IMG_3885 2IMG_3887IMG_3889 2IMG_3892 2IMG_3896IMG_3905IMG_3946 2

We celebrated…. me and my tribe… always a good time.. SO MUCH LOVE


I met this wonderful, wonderful soul. She introduced me to a new slice of life and even astrology. I’ve never looked back since. I love you DeMornay. I miss you greatly.


I took several trips back home.. So well needed, so greatly appreciated.


I found these guys.. I can say both of these pieces are my most prized possessions.


I had the best assistant coach a girl could as for. Not only was she wonderful as a partner in crime but an even better friend. Miss Loren, I consider you a friend for life.


I met this guy! I honestly think it was the birks 😉


I moved out of 3031 and threw a prettttttty fireeeee going away party too!


I moved to Houston, Texas for a soliddddd minuteeee. Then life happened.. Hurricane Harvey too.. and my bank account was TRASH soo…

IMG_0900IMG_0904 2IMG_0906 2IMG_3618 2

I moved back… and in Texas.. we celebrate by tailgating!


Zoe Graduated!!!!


My brother got married!!


I spent the holiday season with this guy and on the 27th we celebrated his 24th birthday!!

I also got a new job!!!! and writing sooo much more!!! Many opportunities have risen and doors have opened for me within this wonderful month of December and I’m just so, so grateful.


As the days of 2017 dwindle, I’m thankful for the memories, a new chance at love, new friendships, rekindled friendships, great books, great music, amazing conversations and wonderful wonderful laughs.

2018, I’m ready for you.

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