Wishing you a very Merry Christmas – TMM

A snippet of my thoughts on this glorious holiday..

I went to church for the first time in a long time on Sunday. Typical.. some might say.. wonderful others might add.. but for me, it was a long time coming. I’m very spiritual, I believe in the universe and all it’s might. Truly.. the universe is another word for God, Buddha, whatever higher being you feel closest to. Whatever you believe in, believe in it with all your heart. I’m thankful for that Sunday, I plan on going next week too.. the week after that as well.. and the following week too. Come with me.


Cheating has been a huge theme as of late. From celebrities to movies I’ve seen, the constant in each has been infidelity. Offset.. come onnnnnnnn. Kevin Hart… comeeee onnnnnnn. The list goes onnnnnnnn. But my question is “Why?” Why do men cheat on good women? Why must women be tempted too? Is true love a real thing anymore? Find out on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z hahaha


My family is growing and my heart is happy. My brother recently married a wonderful woman and I’m happy to see him happy. I love seeing my mom happy, my dad at peace and myself enjoying all of their laughter. With my brothers’ love, I feel as if he has given us some too. My family has become so much more understanding and supportive. I’m forever grateful.


These past couple of months have been rough on me financially.. but I feel so wealthy in conversations and relationships.


My guy has taught me so much about myself. My relationship is like one I’ve never been in before. It’s different. Sometimes I question if the man even likes me haha. What I’ve come to realize is that.. trying to build a life with someone is hard. You don’t walk on egg shells and sometimes you’re not going to agree, but there’s nothing quite like someone who see you, for you, and alll that you come with and still continues to love you through it all.


I sometimes want a huge family and all the things that come with it but then I think I’m super okay with being the super cool aunt that travels all the time haha. Either way, This Is Us is a wonderful show that I think everyone should watch.


I’ve started to spread love to every human I come in contact with and it has changed my life tremendously. Try it. Go a day with nothing but love. Yes.. even those terrible drivers or super slow waiters.. love them even more. Watch how it will change your life and all the things around you.


I sometimes think tooooo much…


I hope your Christmas was as wonderful as mine… I can truly say this is my favorite.. all timeeeee.. Top 1 Christmas thus far. My heart is overwhelmed with gratitude and hope. I feel like I’m barley on the glimpse of this ladder of greatness.. and goodness this view…

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