Great conversations, even better people – TMM

This past weekend was graduation. It officially marks one year since I graduated. (goodness time flies) Not much has changed if you asked me. Same city, same friends if ya looking for me. I enjoyed watching my humans take this huge step in life but I enjoyed their conversations so much more.

It’s been a solid minute since all my peeps were under one roof. I’m talking SQUAAAADD. I have many peeps in my life, all different in their own way, all from different slices of life, yet somehow.. we all mesh together as one big unit.

Friday was my fav. I spent about 3 hours just talking with friends.. phones forgotten, opinions shared and genuine advice. There’s nothing that gets me quite like good conversations.

I truly wish I took more photos, I wish I was more socially active. I just get so caught up in the moment with my peeps that I could care less about anything else. Here’s some goodies of the weekend!



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