I missed #TMM but it was so worth it.

Losing track of time is one of my favorite things. I love when I forget about my phone and all things outside of the present moment. This weekend was full of family, love, friendships, amazing conversations and even better laughs. Here’s a little recap.

Thursday, it snowed in TEXAS! Wuttttt?! It may not mean much to some peeps but It meant so much to me I wrote about it!


Friday, I decided to look cute for no reason at all and do my “closest cleanse.” I pretty much super cleaned the crib. My home grounds me. I have this attachment to my home and how I decorate it. Nothing’s quite better than a clean home if you ask me. Later that night… great time.

IMG_4554 2IMG_0090 2

Saturday, I woke up around 7 am because my momma has always said, “if I’m up, everybody’s up” 😐 We went out to our storage unit and I helped them “closet cleanse!” Unfortunately football was on and my pops was over it so we headed back haha.

Sunday, I spent the day shopping and thrifting with moms. We have a crazy goal to see every Goodwill in the world haha. There is never a dull moment with her.


Monday, I spent the day with two wonderful souls. I cherish time more than I cherish money. That day, those moments, that time with them, I will forever be grateful.

Yesterday, I spent the day with my pops. I watched Scarface for the first time ever and just talked politics all day. We met my mom for lunch (she loves that) and Luby’s sufficed :/ I had practice later that day and I was on my soaaaaaap box. I could not stop preaching to these children haha. I’m so passionate about not only teaching volleyball but also talking about being a good human. Time is so precious, effort is everything and self love is so important. (look at me, on my soap box again) ***** Later that night, my good friend Adrena celebrated her birthday. We went out to the square and times were beyond enjoyable.


I missed #TheMondayMinute and I’m glad I did. It was a wonderful weekend, a well needed weekend. I wasn’t on social media much in general.

I think we should sometimes disconnect to reconnect…

How was your weekend?


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