Just me and my soul.

It’s a blessing and a curse to feel things so deeply. I’m so intuitive it hurts. literally. I’m such a feelsy soul. I base 100% of my life decisions off the feeling it gives me. My momma thinks I’m crazy, maybe I am, but at the end of it all, it is just me and my soul.


I’m a simple soul. An old soul. A very intuitive soul.


I get the most joy out of others. Though I love my alone time, I love experiencing life with other humans of the universe. Like I’ve said all before, it’s a blessing and a curse.

I feel everything. People’s happiness, excitement, joy, loss, love, appreciation and sadness so heavily. I feel as if I am part of their soul and feel it with them. The highs and lows.

I may not know a damn thing about my future, about my career in this post-grad era, this whole adulting process.. but what I do know, what I do feel, is that I’m gonna be okay. I feel that I’m on the right path, in the right direction. Everything I do, I do it with so much feeling… so much love.. that there’s no way I could fail.

I feel as if I’m here to spread love, happiness, kindness.. healing. Wherever this road may lead me, I think I’ve found a purpose and I’m holding on to it.

Isn’t that what life is? Finding a purpose and changing the world?


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