Family is forever – TMM

I spent a well needed weekend with my momma in my hometown. As I get older and more confused with this adulting thing that’s occurring soooooo fast, I’ve realized how important family is.


It was also a girls trip. My mom, our pup and I headed out the door and had one of the best road trips of my life. My mom is and Aquarius. S/O to you honest lovers of the world.

The time I spent with my mom gave me so much perspective. She’s so wise in so many interesting ways. Our relationship is the strongest it’s ever been and she continues to bless my heart with advice, kindness, acceptance, honesty and unconditional love.

I’m fortunate enough to have the woman that raised me by my side today. I hope you all have someone that gives you the love my mom shares with me. Sometimes it’s overwhelming but goodness so, so needed. Hug that woman. That man. That wonderful soul.

Seeing aunts and uncles that I haven’t seen in years put peace in my heart. I always worry about my family. They all think their spring chickens. The hardest workers I know. It was so nice seeing all of my peeps healthy, happy and still soooo in love.

Family is forever. I swear I could of told them that I was a princess on another planet as my occupation and they would still show endless love, support and blessings my way.

Family is so much more than blood. Family are those people who are in those hilarious stories you tell all your new friends at dinner parties. Memories, love, acceptance, hardships, joyous moments… family.

Call someone today. Hear their voice. Leave a voicemail. Send a text. Family is a precious gift. Love is a precious gift. Time is the ultimate gift. Take care of the people who are rooting for you, spread love and appreciation to those individuals just cause it’s Tuesday.

You’d be surprised how it will change your life.

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