Date someone with great music taste

Date someone…

who sometimes knows where to eat

makes you laugh so hard you bust out your actual laugh

who doesn’t let you win in anything with a scoreboard.

lets you steal all the blankets

sends you funny meme’s

who helps clean up after you made dinner

helps you make dinner


asks about your family.

is not afraid to roast you.

remembers things about you. Everything. Everything about you.

dances with you.

sings in the car with you

who doesn’t make you feel stupid for asking questions

purposely plays your favorite song

helps you with the groceries

lets you be “grown” and pay for things

doesn’t tell you when your card gets declined because it might of ruined the night.

lets you have your moment……..

then laughs at these hard times until you’re laughing too.

Date someone who sees you for you. The best version of you.

The version you sometimes lose in the commotion of life.




3 thoughts on “Date someone with great music taste

  1. Aww, my boyfriend is and does everything on this list—he makes dinner, makes me a plate, and cleans up the kitchen afterwards so he actually exceeds this list! Thanks for reminding me to be more appreciative of him. ❤️❤️❤️

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