I’m just gonna tell you about my day – TMM

I do this annoying thing where I like to wait until the last minute and try to get everything in the world done. Like laundry. and meeting my mom for lunch. all before 11:30 am. I’m an early bird every damn day, but, laundry. I’m talking 3 loads.

I made it just on time to pick up moms like I wasn’t completely rushing AND got all the laundry done!

We ate at this terrible mexican food spot in San Antonio, I doooo not recommend the tortilla soup or lemonade. but “if you hungry, you gon eat.”

talked about life with my mom. I realized I love learning about her.

*it’s past a minute but I’m still writing.*

I went to this trash, misleading, completely waste of a time interview if were being completely honest. I honestly told the guy he was such a sad person for the misleading job description and they should be ashamed of themselves. HAHA.


I stopped by a local thrift and found THE COOLEST THING I THINK I’VE EVER BOUGHT IN MY LIFE. #hearteyesemoji

then went back to my parent’s place. Watched Love & Hip Hop until I coached tonight.

Also, my mans was sooooo expressive today. The way his mind works will forever intrigue me. He speaks in a language that speaks soooo loudly to my soul. s/o to you.

but what was I talking about again…. coaching, volleyball, yes, yaaasss.

I really love this group. I love all my groups but honestly, my dramatic ass thought I was done coaching and here I am, loving every millisecond.

We won today. We’re live. I’m telling little 11 year olds how to spot serve and they ouchea making me look like a superstar.

kids are smart.

kids are honest.

I can’t wait to have my own tbh. but I cannnnn. you know?

Now I’m home. I’m happy. I’m at peace.

How was your day?

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