Allowing yourself to love again

Are we really ever ready to completely let someone in? Let someone know the deepest parts of our soul?

My first memory of love takes me back to 6th grade. I “dated” this guy throughout middle school. First “boyfriend” ever. Here was the catch, we never spoke.. we just passed notes back and forth. One day, I saw him out in town with a dolphin shirt on and immediately broke up with him. Truly, I’ve been cursed ever since.

Okay, I’m dramatic as hell.

We all have that childhood memory that screws up love for us as a whole. We all have that memory.

Here’s for the men who got cheated on in 8th grade and here’s for the women who think their cursed over some damn dolphin shirt,


Love so fiercely.

New relationships are scary but soooo full of feelings.


but nothing quite beats that feeling. That feeling when you’re in the car and your human plays one of your favorite songs. That, I picked you up a slice of pizza from Home Slice, feeling. That, I timed dinner perfectly for you, feeling. That smiling for no dang reason feeling.

Love is a choice. Relationships are choices. Situationships are choices.

We choose the love we give and receive.

Find someone whose wild ignites your wild and embrace them. Cherish them. Remind them how crazy you are about them. Even if it makes no sense, if it thrills you, keep feeding that thrill.

Life is short and tomorrow isn’t promised, love so fiercely, love so freely.

2 thoughts on “Allowing yourself to love again

  1. Loooved this post!! I broke up with a middle school boyfriend because he got a haircut so I totally feel you about the dolphin shirt thing. 😆 but love is always worth it and it’s definitely a choice.

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