For the Dreamers

Remember when you were a kid and people asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

What did you answer?

A mermaid is what I answered.

Reality and I have never been the best of friends. Ask my momma, I’ve always been a “dreamer.”

This is for the dreamers

This is for the starving artist.

This is for the little girl that lives inside of me that fell in love with writing.

This is for you.

A wonderful friend of mine told me,

“Then be the starving artist. Just do things that make you feel happy. Who cares what people think of you at your peace. Then people around you will know you’re at peace. You’re a good hearted person and you will find your way. You have a lot to offer, just have to wait for the time when the world is ready to receive it.”


Be the writer, the model. Be the photographer, song writer, producer, rapper. Start your own clothing line, play pro ball. Be the astronaut, be the first female president! Be the mermaid, @disney

No matter how cruel this “reality” may be, remember the little kid that fell in love with the sport. Do the things that make you remember your existence.

Be the dreamer. Keep on keeping on.

The struggles, the tears, the hardships, the brokenness. All the shit that comes with being a dreamer is priceless when you realize how important you are to this “reality.”

Dreamers are those souls you meet in random or stumble upon by accident that change your life forever.

This sometimes cruel reality needs the dreamers. The dreamers of the universe help us realize that maybe we should love each other a little more and express it too.

Honestly, I have no clue if it will all “work out” but I can say that being a dreamer has put glitter in my veins and I’m so thankful for it.




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