home is where the heart is.

I moved… again……

If you’ve been around my domain for a minute you’re probably a little confused…. or probably not surprised at all.. and if you’re new.. allow me to introduce myself..

I’m Sydney Maigon (pronounced may-gin) Herrera and I’m an impulsive, stubborn, adventurous, lover of love, sucker for a good story, 23 year-old dreamer. I live off pure feelings and humans that overwhelm me with laughs, amazing music, hilarious dance moves and creative minds.

Early August I moved to Houston in search of a … honestly.. I truly couldn’t tell you. My lease was up, I didn’t want to move back home with my momma (did I mention I’m prideful too?) and Austin living is sooooooooo expensive. Two amazing friends of mine welcomed me in their home and I lasted for a solid month and some change.


I loved every second I spent, every human I met while in Houston. Houston is such a glorious city.  My heart just searched for San Marcos, Austin and San Antonio everywhere I looked. My family, my peeps, my people’s people, their animals, coachinggggggggg, a chance at love. Let’s be real about the post-grad job search too. Where being under qualified became a consistent thing. My spirit suffered and I am fortunate enough to have a very, veryyyy loving mother. HA.

So I’m back.

I’m back because missing people I had the oppooturnity to see is so worth “figuring it all out at my momma’s.”

Life’s too short to not be close to your family, amazing peepsss and even LOVE! 




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