A day of reflection.

16 years ago life changed drastically.  No words could describe the impact September 11, 2001 had. Today is about reflecting. Honoring. Never forgetting.


It’s crazy how day by day nothing really seems to change but when you look back on those times, everything is different. I’ve come to realize time doesn’t exist. Days feel like hours and minutes feel like seconds. We tend to forget little details along the way. Memories are wonderful blessings. Songs that take me back, photos, phrases, food.

Today has been strange. The date doesn’t help. With all the things going on in the world, this day is just so heavy. I’m not sure if there’s an energy in the air but I can feel it. I sat in my living room and just spoke with myself. I haven’t been feeling myself as of late and really, reflecting has kept me sane. Reflecting has kept me in better spirits for the future.

I hope you all reflect with love in your heart and compassion in your soul. Reflect to appreciate and motivate. No matter how ugly this world gets, reflect to embrace that glorious love you still have inside of you.




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