Take all the happiness that embraces you

Laugh as much as you can. Hang with the peeps who make you feel alive. Kiss that guy. Ask that girl out. Make that road trip. Buy that thing you’ve talked about for monthhhsssss. Eat the whole damn pizza. Take a chance.

I’m starting to feel that spark again. Remember? That feeling when you catch yourself smiling for no damn reason. THAT. I’m feeling that again. Yesterday was quite a tough day. I’m talking heartbreaking, saddening day. However, I was so overwhelmed with love throughout the day that I sorta forgot about all the bad. I woke up this morning inspired to write. I woke up this morning smiling, happy as a clam.

Take all the happiness you can simply think of. Think happy thoughts, surround yourself with people who love you and remind you of that too. Find ways to laugh every opportunity you can. Express your love to your friends and family. Give gratitude to the strangers who consume your day.

Choose love in every aspect of your life.

It feels amazing.

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