thoughtful humans.

I love people who think of other people. I love people who do the “little things.” There’s so many ways to say, “I love you,” or “I’m thinking of you” without actually saying those words. Some of the loudest messages have no words.

It’s the little things. Hypothetically speaking….. Someone brings you Reese’s when they stop at a gas station cause they know that shit is your fav. Someone who helps you with your groceries and pushes your basket at the grocery store. Someone who is a dope ass copilot. (I’m talking puts my straw in my drink at Wendy’s) Someone who just rubs on ya shoulders cause WHO DOESN’T LOVE THAT? Someone who says, “put your seatbelt on.” That’s love. People who don’t ask for permission. People who just do. Those are my favorite kinds of people. People who just randomly text you they love you. People who surprise you at work. People who surprise you in general. Idk, thoughtful people are such givers. Not because they want it in return but because it thrills them to see their human happy. It’s the little things. The smallest forms of kindness. Making someone’s bed, helping them clean their room, remembering small facts about them and their tendencies. I live for the souls that think like mine. I search for souls like you. I search for the love I continuously give.

I believe that everything I’ve ever dreamed of, everything I’ve ever wanted, I deserve. You should believe that too.. you thoughtful, thoughtful human. Whoever crossed your mind while reading this, reach out to them. Good or bad terms or whatever terms, reach out to them. A simple thought could change someones day, memory, life.

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