What a bunch of 14 year olds taught me

I’ve been coaching club volleyball for almost three years now. If you would of told me I would become a volleyball coach, I would of never believed you. I’m an Aries. I’m a “bit” over the top, a bit dramatic, stubborn, impulsive and I truly think out loud. Involve a scoreboard and I’m a bit of a shithead. My coach at Our Lady of the Lake University (before I transferred to Texas State), got me a job coaching as a form of payback. He literally said, “now you’ll know how the other side feels.” Honestly, I was nowhere near excited. —– within the first hour of practice, I was hooked.

fast forward to 2017.

This season was my first season being a head coach.

To be truly honest, after our first tournament, I just wanted to quit and give up. I remember calling my mom and just crying through an entire car ride. Coaching is hard. Teaching is hard. You can’t help but blame yourself for every little thing. Opinions become overwhelming and sometimes you go through your own personal shit. 14 year olds see right through the bullshit. It’s insane. We try to protect them from the storm yet they walk so swift through the winds.

I learned that I give up too easily, I’m too hard on myself sometimes, honesty is the best policy, DATING SHOULD BE FUN, having fun is so important, boys still suck, having a finsta/spam is essential, snapchat streaks are extremely important, Dallas can hail storm at any fkn moment, waffles machines are a necessity, margarita machines too, balllll nevvvverrrr lies, 14 year olds just don’t give a damn sometimes hahaha, being fashionable is a huge thing, my phone takes the best photos and we know any pizza joint within walking distance of Dallas and Houston so holla if you need any new places.

Most of all, I learned that it truly isn’t about what you know or how much you know, but how much you care. Love was present. Love not only built an amazing team but great friendships and life long memories.

I think about moments, memories, frequencies in time. I believe this group of girls and parents came into my life for a reason. I was searching for each of the souls I met. Each individual I met has stuck with me since. I carry each of you in my heart. In my soul. Know you have me in your corner forever.


So here’s to the group of 11 extraordinary girls that changed my life forever. You taught me more than you could ever imagine. I think of you everyday. I miss you all everyday. We have been through some things together. Y’all were there for my breakup, college graduation, figuring it all out afterwards and the everyday struggle of being a girl in this ridiculous world. The parents I was blessed with made the ride so worthwhile as well. I am forever grateful for the laughs, tears, bruises, annoying practices, losing to teams we were suppose demolish yet beating the number one seed, Tony’s waffles, Kim being the brains of the operation, Loren and her morning coffee, how the twins would fight with each other on the court lmfao, Abbey’s facial expressions, Brooke and her insane ass saves, Kelleigh being Kelleigh, Adiya alwaysssss dancing, Katy’s memory, Kaylee and her perfect hair, Sofia and how ridiculously smart she is, Elizabeth and her listening skills, and manyyy more memories. Hailey I’ve missed you mamma.

I love you all forever.

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