What’s your sign?

Everyone say hello to my girl DeMornay Harper. This woman has came into my life and changed my world forever. DeMornay is wonderful in so many ways but especially for her love of astrology. I’ve always read my horoscope and followed things like that but it was quite minor. The day I met DeMornay we were automatically homies cause she’s an Aries too! Then she introduced me to my chart and man I was hooked.

I’m now am literallllly obsessed with astrology. Before I would just read my horoscope (how vain, I know) now I read all my homies. I even send daily summaries to some! I now know my sun sign, moon sign, and my planets. I tell my friends to find out theirs and tell me so we can sit and discuss our lives. (Here’s the website if you wanna check yours out!)

So many things are dope about astrology.

  • It brings fun conversation
  • you always learn something
  • you kinda get to know the person better, cause even if it’s wrong as hell, you know exactly what they mean
  • you find out their birthdays, and guyzzzz, birthdays are so important. Balloons y’all, can we bring back ballooonnnss for birthdays?

I even do love compatabilities HAHAHAHA, I have also gotten into the planets and when mercury retrograde is here and happeninnnn.

Most of all, I  just think it’s dope how my homies are genuinely interested in the weird shit I like. They all somehow talk about their sign with me or what the new girl in their life is.


“Yo, so I met this girl! Her name was ***** and she’s a Gemini”

Both of us *loooooks at each other and grinsss!*


I’m just so thankful for my wonderful friends. I’m so thankful for my future friends and the peeeeeeps reading this. Tell me your sign. let me creep on ya. Let’s be homies.

Also, I’m an Aries. Could you have guessed? 😉

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