We broke up.

Been there done that, but this time it’s for good. In social media world, or in 2017, all my IG photos of him are gone and on Facebook I’m officially “single” lmao and truthfully, it’s quite liberating.

details truly don’t matter, because there are things that just need to be left unsaid. Just know that when you love someone with all your heart and they don’t want to be with you anymore, that’s when self love comes in, that’s when you realize your own worth. You can’t force someone to want to be with you or see the joy they once saw in you. It sucks, it’s shitty but it’s also a wonderful thing. I couldn’t realize my own self worth so he ended it for the both of us. I couldn’t realize that I deserved everything I’ve ever dreamed of and that I truly should have it. I feel as if I have shed enough tears to feel complete with my thoughts at the moment. I’m no longer sad but I am angry. I’m angry simply because I constantly put himself over my own.

I don’t want condolences or sorrows, this wasn’t a death, in true reality it was a rebirth.

ps. this isn’t a bashing place, and I hope no ill intention will arise out of this, this is simply saying, be cautious when deciding to date a writer. Though I will still talk about relationships and love and all that jazz, this is the end of a chapter and I’m turning the page.

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