How I spend my mornings..

Mornings are my favorite time of the day. I’m naturally an early bird. 7 a.m. is my body’s internal alarm clock. I literally have an alarm at 12:00 noon that lets me know “morning’s over.” Having 2 jobs is a “normal” thing for me. Coaching and working at Lululemon are wonderful things that take up my schedule. As I rarely get days off.. the mornings of those days are my favorite. So here’s a look on how I spend them my mornings when I have the world at my fingertips..


The first thing I do in the morning is drink as much water as possible. I drink about 2-3 bottles of water a day. I usually finish whatever bottle is closest to me when I wake up. Drinking water when you wake helps hydrate your body and waken your mind.


I then open ALL of my blinds. Natural light is the best light. I use only lamps at night and sunlight during the day.


I light every warm tobacco pipe candle I can find.


I light an incense. I found these Chakra incense at Whole Foods! I love, love, love them. I recently went into Earthbound and found these other ones! I found them on Amazon if you don’t have an Earthbound nearby!


I find the comfiest sweater I can find. This outfit varies as Texas gets more, Texas.


I grab my book and head to the balcony.


I then bust out my face mask. The Mask of Magnimity from Lush is life changing. And the smell, oh my Jesus. After I go through that process I take my time showering. I deep condition my hair, I wash my face, probably shave too, and wash my body about 5 times cause why not?


I’m one of those people that’s terrible about brushing their teeth as soon they wake up. I’m a “brush my teeth after I shower type of girl” or if I don’t shower that morning, after I eat. Unless my breath is just complete ass, then I’ll brush them then and there. (don’t look all grossed out, you know you do the same thing lol)


After that I lay in my towel until I literally have to get up and get food. I usually make my famous grilled cheese sandwich.


While I’m munching on this grilled cheese, I catch up on my shows. The current shows I’m watching are Scandal, Dance Moms and the Bachelor.

My mornings are full of thoughts, ideas, relaxation and love. Put love in everything you do. Love the life you live and urge to get up a little earlier. Enjoy the sunshine you’re surrounded in and embrace the life you have.

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