15 tiny things your soul needs

  1. Splurge on your skin and haircare. Splurging on that good moisturizer, amazing cleanser (s/o Lush), magical shampoo and conditioner might change yo life. Clothes are things we spend on daily yet don’t necessarily wear everyday. Your skin and hair are your most prized possessions, treat yo self!
  2. Unfollow the peeps that bring negativity. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc, etc. Unfollow anyone that brings negative vibes in your life. It’s okay to have different opinions but you know what I’m talking about lol.
  3. If you like it let it be known. I’m literally that creepy person that will like your pictures with the little “posted 48 seconds” ago notification going on. I don’t hold back on social media and neither should you. Be creepy, it’s quite fun. HAHA
  4. Set aside “me” time. Seriously, simply taking a 5 minute break away from emails, Netflix, people, social media and homework could really give your soul a good breather.
  5. Give Gratitude. In every and any possible way. From simply thanking the guy at Starbucks or the lady who made your Q Taco at stripes. Show gratitude to your family, your loved ones, your energy. Sticky notes are my fav.
  6. Wear exactly what you want. I contemplate every now and then on wearing that shirt or shoes. Instead of asking for opinions on that dress you’ve always wanted to wear, DO YOU! Be great! Enjoy your sense of fashion and embrace it!
  7. When you talk to your mom or dad, it’s all about the details. Life is crazy, we all get busy. When you make it a point to give detailed descriptions of your day with your mom and dad and ask them about theirs in detail too, simply makes their day.. heck, if their anything like my mom or dad, their whole week.
  8. Get you some goodies at the grocery. Whole Food’s is goals. goals. GOALS. GOALLLSSS. But ya girls bank account screams HEB. Eating better groceries with better ingredients makes my soul happy. HEB has a wonderful selection of organic foods along with their Central Market brand.
  9. Laugh a little. Laugh every chance you get. Don’t hold back. If you have an ugly laugh, call me so together, we can ugly laugh together.
  10. Say “yes” when you’re offered food. NO MORE DECLINING FREE FOOD 2017. hahahaha enjoy yourself and the new foods you might embrace. Your tastebuds will thank you.
  11. Drink a bottle of water as soon as you wake up. This is magical. It helps you rehydrate in the morning and start your day with a clear mind. Try it.
  12. Be the one to make the plans. We are all busy. Be the one to initiate plans and enjoy the laughs, great food and beautiful memories.
  13. Take your lunch or break outside. Enjoy the day. Especially those beautiful sunny ones. Get outside on your lunch break or choose the outdoor seating.
  14. Make a new friend. Don’t be afraid to talk to the stranger or simply make small conversation. My favorite thing is to catch people unexpected with some fun questions.
  15. Hug a little longer. It’s scientifically proven that hugs release oxytocin in your brain. Oxytocin reduces anxiety and stress. It’s the “cuddle chemical” lol. (s/o to David for telling me about this.)

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