That one super cold day in Texas

Welcome to winter in Texas. Where February is officially spring and December and January are the little spurts of 50 degree weather. I’m originally from South Texas, (S/O 956) so weather in San Marcos sometimes has me all the way.. well you know. Since the last days of winter are dwindling, I decided to share one of my favorite fits from a “super” cold winter day. It was all of 47 degrees this day.

The Things:

Location: Some random wall down the street from Union Street Station in New Braunfels.

Shirt: Chico’s (stole it from my momma)

Jacket: J.G. Hook (thrifted)

Pants: Top Shop MOTO

Shoes: Bass (thrifted)

Purse: Dooney & Bourke (thrifted)

Scarf: Target

Watch: Shark Watch

*I don’t edit any of my photos, what ya see, is what ya get.*


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