Thoughts from a balcony..


If there’s any advice I could tell you about college it’s 2 things.

  2. Get a balcony.

but really. lol

I love, love, love my home. Okay, maybe not it as a whole, but my balcony, my balcony has all of my heart. The balcony is my favorite place to be when I’m home. I love sitting out there with David. He is my favorite person to talk to. That balcony holds so many memories, so many stories, so many laughs. We have shared this balcony with wonderful humans. Any time any day. Mornings, mid afternoons, late nights, Wednesday at 2:43 p.m. because why not?

The balcony is also my favorite place for alone time. Me and my book. Or even me and the silence I’m surrounded in. I’m currently sitting up here, enjoying this beautiful Saturday. I’m reflecting on this week and the greatest moments of my current day.


My friend Gabe had a good talk on the balcony the other day.

“Everyone in the word should be able to experience Syd’s love.” 

I was telling him how lately has just been good. I’ve spent time with new people and have really enjoyed their energy. He told me that love is the key to all happiness. Giving people an opportunity to love you and be loved by you is the key to life.

Just last night David said, “love is a choice.” He explained to me that in every situation, love is something that can be chosen. In the shittiest of times to the best of moments, love is always there.

Gabe’s conversation really hit home whenever David emphasized love last night. David is such a beautiful thinker. Gabe is such a great friend.


Lately I’ve connected with two people in particular and reconnected with a good friend that I’ve missed.

London. You are, by far, such a wonderful human. You are unapologetically you. You are unknowingly a savage but I love your honesty. You have allowed me to open up to you and with that I know I have trust in you. You made 50 Shades Darker so much fun to watch, and the Bachelor too. I’m thankful for you and I’m so happy I finally got to know you.

Zach. I still think about our time on this balcony all the time. For the most part, most of our friends know that David and I are pretty spiritual. You are the only person that has truly asked us the why’s, what’s, and wtfs. Not only did you shed light on my beliefs but on David’s too. I thought it was so wonderful that you were the ones asking us all the questions. Thank you for that.

Anamaria. I’m a stubborn, stubborn friend. I get mad and sometimes suck at dealing with my emotions. I’m sorry. I’ve missed you. I’m so glad we spoke. I love you for your honesty. For being the words I really need to hear. Expect something in the mail soon.

Oh and Scott, I love you dude.


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