A random list of things that make me happy.

  • apple juice in a yeti full of ice
  • band tees
  • buying new lululemon
  • grocery shopping by myself
  • slow cooker recipes
  • Domino’s thin pepperoni pizza
  • FaceTiming Jorge
  • constantly telling Zoe to love me
  • getting my toes done
  • petting animals
  • cards against humanity
  • hot dogs with ketchup
  • going to Stripes for dinner
  • little personals at the liquor store
  • how I don’t listen hahaha
  • Traveling
  • calligraphy
  • thinking of my goals
  • chacos
  • randomly shopping on amazon for things I don’t need
  • sitting on the floor
  • feeling the wind in my hair
  • Rudy Francisco
  • David’s hair
  • David
  • flannels
  • yoga with Daina
  • The O.J. Simpson case on Netflix
  • Dance Mom’s
  • Ted Talk’s
  • my balcony
  • high times pants
  • Newk’s
  • Lainey and her constant reminder how she reads this. I think of you all the time.
  • My little 14 year old children
  • Loren’s sense of humor
  • my hydro flask
  • Corrine from the Bachelor
  • thrifting
  • vietnamese food
  • buying my homies shots
  • seeing Eddie randomly at the square or 6th
  • Seeing Payton. Literally, I just gotta see him lmao
  • warm tobacco pipe candles
  • chakra incense
  • Adidas
  • natural sunlight
  • the nights where David and I are both on our laptop, headphones in, but still so, so in tune with one another. This guy is my soulmate.


I’m in a writers block. Life is weird right now. I’m craving the outside and my detachment from the internet is sometimes my favorite part of the day. My emails have been extra as hell lately AND my phone is literally on it’s death bed (RIP). I’m in a weird place, but I feel a comeback coming. Something majestical

Thanks for reading this. Thanks for stumbling on here. You are so wonderful.


5 thoughts on “A random list of things that make me happy.

      1. Yes I am in Cleveland Ohio and if you come I’ll show you around and everything (even though it’s snowing at 17 degrees and don’t recommend coming rn) but for real reading your blog makes me wanna go on hikes and we should do that in Texas where it’s not snowing


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