Have you been outside lately?

When was the last time you went outside? Outside as the destination, not the space in-between your apartment and your car.

Me and Netflix are in a wonderful, wonderful love. Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, How To Get Away With Murder, Narcos, Black Mirror, Zootopia, Law and Order SVU, The X Files and Cosmos are some of my favs. Though being glued to my laptop is always a good feeling, my urge for the outside has been something that gets me every time.

For some odd reason, January has been speaking to my heart in the weirdest ways. I find myself being more active, feeling more energetic and craving the feel of the wind in my hair. I’ve found any and every reason to be outside and truthfully, my body has been thanking me for it. Though I’ve been struggling with some allergies, water and hiking have been the best remedies.

Working at Lululemon has been a wonderful influence on my outdoorsy side. This winter’s line was dedicated to #TheAirOutThere. Events were set up throughout the country getting people outside in the colder times of the world. #Strava ran a running/spinning challenge that just recently ended! To be honest with ya, the energy at work, the talk about goals and how many miles were ran, the urge to be outside with no excuses and the happiness brought by wonderful individuals. It’s a beautiful sight, it’s a beautiful feeling, it’s something noteworthy.

I’ve reflected on these past January days. I’ve been outside almost everyday. Even if it’s for a mile or a walk to my mailbox, being outside has truly treated my soul well. I’ve realized I don’t get headaches like I used to. I feel more energetic, even after a long day at work. I find what used to be stressful situations easier to handle. And in a way, happier. Thinking life is way to good to be true, I just had to google if being outdoors actually helped your happiness. It was true! It’s scientifically proven that being outside is healthier for you. The Huffington Post mentioned that being outdoors helps reduce stress and increases brain function. A Harvard Health Publications also listed several reasons why being outside is good for you.

Taking classes, bouldering and hiking have been some of my favorite ways to get sweaty and get outside. Yoga has been so good for my heart. I was struggling with a sore throat and a fever but one hot yoga class got me right. ABP has been one of my daily places. Bouldering is so much fun yet such a kickass workout. I’ve been on the search for a tumbling class and a kickboxing class too!


I threw together some of my favorite ways to get going, get outside and get sweaty!

  • Strava is a badass app that allows you to track your distance, pace, location and even allows you to share with your friends and name your adventures really funny things. It’s a runners social heaven.
  • Take a yoga class. Literally google yoga places near you! My favorite kind of yoga is Vinyasa. I haven’t tried very many, but out of the few classes I’ve taken, Vinyasa is great. Also be sure to check out if it’s a hot yoga class or a normal one. I love both! Here’s a reference of different styles of yoga!
  • Walk around your neighborhood. My favorite way to talk is to walk. I love going on a walk with someone. Being outside and feeling the wind on your face makes everything 10x better. Going to the mailbox if you live at an apartment or taking a walk around the block is the easiest way to get your daily breath of fresh air.
  • Find a trail. All Trails is a great resource if you love to find the adventure. This app will let you know about any trail close to you or literally any trail you can drive to.
  • Get a bike! Okay, on payday! I’ve told David (my boyfriend!) that I want a bike for Valentines day. I’m doing some research online but biking is about to be my new favorite thing, I can feel it.
  • Drive and park. Literally my fav. David and I find a random location (downtown Austin, The Domain, and Georgetown) and just park. We walk, find new places to eat and even shop sometimes! It’s a fun adventure and a day full of fun.

What are some of your favorite ways to get outside or sweat?

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