My Top 5 Favorite YouTube Channels

I’m a “cord cutter.” (S/0 to electronic media and Tim England!) I don’t have cable. I have a smart TV David’s momma blessed me with and a MacBook that has my life on it. I’m a typical millennial that has a love for the internet. YouTube is my favorite medium, it’s literally my home screen. I’ve gathered a list of my top 5 favorite channels. I also threw in some of my favorite videos! You’ve been blessed!

5. BuzzFeed. BuzzFeed is freakin good times. This is the perfect, I’m cooking and background noise is needed. They also have BuzzFeedYellow which is great for da ladies. I literally say “me” about 1384012373 times while watching. BuzzFeedBlue is full of fun facts, unsolved mysteries and great random ass shit.

4. Lush. Lush can have all my money. ALL OF IT. If you are a noob and need a good starter, Let The Good Times Roll cleanser is the best thing ever invented. I literally gifted so many peeps with this baby. Their channel is full of “How it’s made” and mannnn I can watch those for hours.

3. Clothesencounters. Jenn Im is the woman behind the username. She is literally the sweetest thing. She’s a beauty and lifestyle blogger. Her style, personality and how real she is makes her so relatable. Her fashion videos are my favorite things! Monthly favs, Vlogmas, makeup tutorials are also her specialty. She’s also David’s favorite! (don’t tell him I told ya though)

2. VAGABOND YOUTH. Amy Lee is the wonderful human that runs the channel. Literally style goals, music goals, aesthetic goals, life goals. She just graduated from UCLA which makes her beyond relatable. Her love for thrifting makes my heart so so happy. Her style is literally my dream closet. I love how she styles things and makes androgynous looks so damn sophisticated.

1.  Claire Marshall. There’s something about her videos that calm me, make me feel at peace, and make me realize it’s okay to not have it all together. We can also add that she’s goals af. Her style is so noteworthy but her freakin editing. Her aesthetics are something I hope to have one day. Her fashion, her honesty, her realness. She’s inspiring inside and out. She has help me become more creative and embrace things that make me, me.

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