An update…

these last two weeks have been fucking crazy to say the least.

let me catch ya up on some thangs.

At this very moment I have no groceries and no money, but ya girl still bought a bottle of Jim Beam Apple cause Gabe only turns 23 once. Jordan freakin year!


Two weeks ago I was bombarded with finals, totes why I’ve been MIA. Then last week I graduated, literally Friday. I’ll have another post about that day specifically because man that day was legendary.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

I’m grown now, still working at Lululemon and were in full swing for club volleyball. Our first tournament is on the 7th! I’m also gonna add, I’m really excited for this season. The group of kids I have are freaking wonderful.

My mind has been itching to write, I’ve been writing down some creative ideas. I will be back on my Tuesday/Thursday grind with more fashion, food, life hacks, rants, poetry, photography and even Christmas gift ideas! I want to post some now, (cause I mean Christmas is on Sunday) but I’m bad at surprises, and right now, my homies have no clue that they may be getting something and David is literally clueless about his gift.. so I’m just gonna wait to post the gift ideas.. maybe I’ll just straight up tell ya what I got my homies lol Either way, I’ve been really creative and really happy this holiday season.

My friends still amaze me everyday and the way David and I communicate makes me happier by the second. I’ve been in the mood for adventures lately. Anything to get me outside, sweating, exploring, trying new things. I’ve been trying to stay away from netflix but Dance Mom’s is something I’ll watching till the last days of my life hahaha. I really want to get back to reading. Any book suggestions? This winter break (or forever break for me cause I’m done with school now haha) I just want to do some fun things with the wonderful people I’m surrounded with. Camping, zip lining, sky diving, crashing a wedding, playing hide n seek at Walmart, I don’t know, fun things, silly things.

I just wanted to pop in here, let you know I’m back, and I’m happy to get back to writing.

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