“Being in the room”


November is gone. Thanksgiving has passed.

It’s still about 80 degrees in Texas and truthfully, that’s winter.

I’m wrapped in my favorite sweatshirts and lululemon leggings.


Each morning I wake up. Happier than I was before, the day before that and the day before that one too. It’s weird how my memory works. My childhood is a blur, high school was full of accomplishments but not many friends. College, I’m so thankful I’m here. College has been some of the hardest times in my life followed with memories of gold. I constantly catch myself being so dang thankful for the moment I’m in. For the people that have surrounded me. For the simple breath I never really noticed.

I’ve always struggled with my self confidence. I wanted to be the prettiest, smartest, most athletic, etc. I constantly compared myself to others around me.

I couldn’t be in a room and not be the center of attention or have the world at my fingertips.

I can admit that. I am flawed. I am me.

But today,

I’ve grown in love with “being in the room.”

I’ve found happiness. I love who I see when I look in the mirror. This isn’t a conceited viewpoint, but self love so greatly needed. I’m so happy in my own skin. This whole no makeup thing hasn’t been a battle, I’m surrounded with people who subconsciously tell me they love me, they’re thankful for me; and in some sense, that’s beauty. That’s all I need.

Everyone is different. Everyone loves different. but in this life on mine, I’ve realized that it’s not necessarily how people treat you, but how you treat people.


I am surrounded by glorious human beings. I’ve grown so in love with being in the room that I can embrace Mariah’s beauty without diminishing mine. That I can love how calming and safe Ashley makes me feel without thinking my strong personality is a negative thing. I’m so thankful for each influential person I have had the opportunity to experience this year.

I love being in the room.

Jabari sometimes, for the most part, is the whole room. You sir, are so wonderful.


All in all, if you’re searching for peace in yourself, give yourself an opportunity to be in the room with glorious people. Don’t be afraid to make new friends and put yourself out there. Be open to new ideas, new adventures, new goals. Experience the beauty in people, the beauty in ideas and thoughts. Share opinions and enjoy love and laughter.

F e e d      y o u r     s p i r i t



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